Sunday, September 9, 2012

Banana Bread, a Fall favorite...

In honor of Grandparent's Day, I decided to make banana bread- "Papa's" favorite. Banana bread is delicious, and for the most part- healthy! Double win! It makes a breakfast, snack, or treat. Heat it up and spread a little butter on top, and it becomes a perfect addition to the cooling Fall days ahead of us.

I do happen to be a little crazy about organizing, but it really helps. Don't mind me... ;)

 Here we have one of my favorite spice combinations: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and a pinch of Salt. Heaven in a little bowl!

 Dry ingredients, all mixed together and fluffy.

 It's always nice to take out a little frustration with my banana masher. I think this tool was originally called a potato masher, though I don't think it has seen an actual potato since my mom handed it down to me.

 All set and ready to go in the oven! Who needs candles or air freshener when you have amazing spices baking away in the oven?!?

 Hello there banana bread. How lovely it is to eat you! Oops, I mean meet you! ;)

All wrapped up and ready to go! I hope Nana and Papa enjoy it!!


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