Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Treats

Ever since my daughter was a baby, Halloween is the one holiday that my family always comes to my home to celebrate. I love it. It's great to see my nieces get more into the spirit with each passing year. I'm hoping this year to have better weather than last year....

...This was what it was like at this time last year. We got hit by a huge storm. With most of the leaves still on the trees, the added weight of snow and ice took down trees everywhere, and power lines down with them! We ended up losing power for about two days. Power finally came back on around 4pm on Halloween day. Schools were closed. It was a mess! 

As of right now, the weather forecast shows temps between 41*-52* with a 40% chance of rain. Rain! Not snow! ;) Fingers crossed....

I've put together some treats that are really easy and quick to make. Also, you don't need electricity to make them, in case we get a repeat of last year! 

I saw these Witch's Broomsticks on Pinterest (my other love!). I couldn't resist them, they were so cute. Just unwrap a peanut butter cup, turn it upside down, and put a pretzel stick through the top. Super easy, super delicious, and super cute- triple win!

Next up, Witch's Hats. Just top an Oreo with a Hershey Kiss. Use some melted chocolate to "glue" it together. If you want to add a little color, you could also use any kind of frosting to attach the Kiss to the Oreo, and decorate as you wish. 

These are good treats to get the kids involved in putting together! So have fun, and enjoy!