Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oreo Truffles

Apparently I am sticking with the truffle theme for a bit longer. ;) This time though, Oreo Truffles! These are one of my husband's favorite treats. When I was putting the finishing touches on these babies earlier this evening, it sounded like a chorus going through the kitchen; my husband, my daughter, and my niece were all asking, "can I have one yet?!?" Giving them each a few spare chocolate chips didn't seem to hold them over too well, either. Help, I've created chocolate loving monster! Impatient ones! Finally, they each got their own truffle, and my kitchen was filled with the silence that a mouthful of truffle brings. Beautiful! ;) 

I've been making these for quite some time now. I don't even remember where I saw them first, but they are now on frequent rotation in my baking schedule of life. There are only a few ingredients, all of which are basically "staples" in my home, Oreos, cream cheese, and chocolate.

 First up, soften up a package of cream cheese. Either leave it out on the counter for a little bit or if you have the patience of, well, me, then you could stick it in the microwave for a few seconds. Just take it out of the package first! The inside wrapper looks aluminum-y (totally an official word!).

 Take out five or so cookies and set aside. Either eat them for energy first, or save them for later, if that's possible... I always use regular Oreos for this, never double-stuffed.

 Put the rest of the Oreos in a freezer bag. Try to squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible. And make sure it is closed. Tightly!!

 Find a wooden spoon, or another weapon of choice, and take out your frustrations!

 I enlisted the help of my 2 year-old niece for this part. She had a blast!

 Pound away until all of the cookies are crushed. Doesn't have to be super-fine.

 Pour cookie crumbs into a bowl...

 ...and add the softened cream cheese.

 My assistant helped here, too. It helps to have a non-slip bowl!

 After the crumbs and cream cheese are mixed well, either use a small scoop or roll by hand into small balls. Or, if you are a little OCD like me, you could use a scoop, chill, and then hand roll, to form into balls.

 Once it has all been rolled, chill until set. I usually put them in the freezer for about 30 minutes.

 (Admiring our handiwork!)

 After they have completely chilled, dip them in melted chocolate.

 Put them on parchment paper until the chocolate sets.

 If you like, decorate with white chocolate. Or you could top with a bit of crushed Oreos, if any of the 5 that you took out at the beginning are left.

 Keep finished truffles refrigerated. They don't melt as quickly as traditional ganache based truffles, but since they have cream cheese in them, better to play it on the safer side.

Oreo Truffles:
(1) package of Oreos, minus 5
(1) 8oz package of cream cheese, softened
chocolate for dipping

Place Oreos in freezer bag and use wooden spoon to crush them. Add softened cream cheese to cookie crumbs and mix until combined. Form into small balls and chill completely. Dip in chocolate and decorate as desired.


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