Monday, August 12, 2013

Blueberry Picking & Muffins

One of the great things about living in the Hudson Valley is that we have so many great farms nearby. No fruit that you buy in the grocery store can compare to the fruit that you pick yourself. Someday when we move out of our apartment and get a house with some property, I plan on having a garden full of my favorite fruits and veggies. Until then, I will just enjoy going to all the different area farms. In season now is blueberries. The farm we visited even had some animals visiting, which were cute to see.

 This little guy nursing was just the cutest thing! After he finished eating, he pranced around, happy as can be!

 Here is my daughter feeding some sheep. She turned 10 the day before this picture was taken and I still can't believe how grown up she is becoming!

My niece visiting the animals

My niece picking some delicious blueberries!

Apparently the bees like blueberries, too!! Yikes! My husband took this picture, no way was I getting that close.

My daughter and my niece, each with their own bucket of blueberries. This has to be one of my favorite pictures. Ever.

Gotta love an outhouse! 

I do have to say, while I loved the blueberries, so did the guinea pigs! Especially Ganache! She ended up with blueberry juice all over her chin!

I made delicious blueberry muffins with these fresh blueberries, also. This is the recipe that I used:
Brown Eyed Baker- Blueberry Muffins I wouldn't change a thing with this recipe, the muffins turned out perfect!


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